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Tips for Choosing a Catering Service

Of course the most important item in a catered event is the food. No matter how good it and everything else may look, if the food is not excellent, everything else will suffer. Everything else at a catered event will simply enhance (hopefully) the food, much like any food service in a restaurant. Theme decorations, the plates and utensils and yes even the food servers will add or detract from your event so proceed very carefully. The best food served by someone in blue jeans with food smudged on them is a lot different than food being served by a professional, well groomed and dressed for the occasion professional.

The most important and yes obvious thing to do then is to get and check out references. When contacting references, make sure you ask if the person knows the person that is being referenced. This may throw some of the referenced people, because they are a friend of the owner and are simply trying to help them out. This could cost you in what is likely an event you want to remember for a long time.

In order to help get a firm quote you need to help out the caterer by very carefully laying out all that you want the caterer to provide and as well as a time schedule. If you havenít planned for where the event is going to be, ask the caterers. If they have experience, you may find that some locations may actually cost less as they are better prepared for catered events. A kitchen on site for instance makes a big difference.

Discuss your budget up front. We would all like a lot for very little cost, but you need to be realistic in order to give the catering business an idea what and even if they can work with the budget. You can not get a silver service sit down dinner with a budget suitable for hot dogs and hamburgers.

A wait staff of 1 for every 10 people is a good rule of thumb, but make sure to ask. You donít want servers trying to make up for this shortcoming in track shoes running through the event, do you?

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